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Heather had mixed emotions about the evening. She was about to do at least two things she had never done before. Maybe even three.

She and her family had celebrated her sweet sixteenth yesterday by going to a restaurant overlooking the harbour of the beautiful Spanish town that they were staying in. They had been away on holidays for her last 6 birthdays. She was happy to have it that way. Her friends tended to be away anyway so it was better to celebrate in an exotic settings with the ones you loved, rather than to be disappointed at home, due to how few of your friends could make it to your party.

She pulled her red hair back up into a ponytail. She was struggling with her looks. She wanted to look nice but at the same time as if she had not put too much thought and effort into it. Although she had thought about it for about 30 hours.

She was about to go on her very first date and she was about to lie to her parents for the first time.

Her parents trusted her and therefore she knew it would be easy. She also knew they would not let her go out if they knew the real reason behind it; a date with a waiter from the hotel, who was 6 years older than she was.

It was not like she had planned to fall for a big brown eyed Spanish waiter. It just happened. Normally, on these holidays, she was too occupied with her brother. They were thick as thieves. They would play silly games in the pool, chat while sunbathing, play cards and pop into youth discos.

He was 2 years older than Heather. Since he met Joy he hardly had a minute to spare for his sister. Heather understood why he liked Joy. She was incredibly smart with a wicked sense of humour. Sometimes her jokes were so sarcastic and told with such calm that it could be hard to detect whether she was joking or not.

Heather always knew that when time would come, her brother would bring a clever girl home. He was not one for the bubble head, orange skinned and fake eyelashes with pretentious laughter, kind of a guy.

Her only problem was that Joy seemed to want him all to herself. Well most of the time. Her mum and dad had explained this was simply the way it was when young people fell in love and that she should not worry it would get back to normal-ish once they had passed the honeymoon period.

Due to Joy and her brothers relationship, Heather had been very receptive of Miguel’s flirting. It has started one week into the holiday. First it was just the odd smile. She did not think much of it as he seemed like a very friendly bloke. However, one of the nights she was a little later than the rest of her family to attend the hotels evening show. She had spilled a soft drink all over herself during dinner and wanted to change. As she ran across the lobby to the hotels garden, where the big stage was, she dropped her handbag and her stuff flew all over the tiles.

Miguel rushed over, took her hands and looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she was okay. She was sure her face now matched her hair colour and she looked away. Embarrassed she mumbled that she was fine and picked up her phone and lip gloss. He handed over her purse and told her he was happy to hear that as he did not want to see his favourite guest at the hotel get hurt. She was pretty sure she blushed even more. She smiled awkwardly, thanked him and left to find her family.

The day after that, which was yesterday, her parents had gone golfing and her brother and Joy were doing some girlfriend/boyfriend stuff. Heather was in the middle of a very exciting book and could not be bothered to read by the pool, with the noise of children and shouting parents disrupting her.

Therefore, she went to the roof terrace. To her surprise it was only her and an old couple that lay under a parasol using the rooftop facilities. She had never really understood people that went out every day to lie in the sun but did it under a parasol. In her mind it defeated the purpose of sunbathing.

Once she had spread her towel across the sun lounger and placed the sun lotion, book and water bottle on the table next to it she sat down. It was then that she noticed Miguel was doing a shift at the rooftop bar. She looked away quickly. Then she remembered she had sunglasses on. The benefit of sunglasses were people did not necessarily know what you were looking at underneath them.

She took a long, good look at him. He was tanned with slick black hair which he had put a little too much gel in. His facial features were on point, high cheekbones and a strong jawline. He had a white short sleeved shirt on and dark blue shorts. His build was manly and she could easily day dream about being wrapped in his big, tanned arms, staring into those big, brown eyes!

While she daydreamed, he moved closer and all of a sudden he was standing in front of her as asked:

- “Do you want me to put some cream on your back?”

She giggled. Blushed. Cleared her throat and decided to try to “wo”man up and try to answer like a sophisticated worldly woman, not a hormonal teenage girl!

- “Yes, please, I would really appreciate that.”

While he massaged the cream into her skin, he told her what his name was (she had already seen it on his nametag though). He told her this was a summer job for him as he was going to university in the autumn. He told her something else, which she did not really catch as she was to busy enjoying the massage from the most handsome man she had ever been touched by.

Well, she had not really been touched like this before, at all. She had been kissed by two guys but that was it. She had not really enjoyed it either. She had just felt like she should reciprocate the kisses at the time, as other girls her age were already having sex! Her best friends had even made fun of her for being too innocent. They had asked her if her plan was to die a virgin.

She was a little old school. She did not want to share her first time with just anyone. It had to be someone special. Someone she trusted and loved. It did not have to be someone she was planning on sharing the rest of her life with, she knew it was unlikely to happen, but she wanted him to be someone she loved and trusted at that moment. She had not found that guy yet.

- “So, what do you say miss Heather? Will you go with me?”

- “What?” He had stopped rubbing her back and was looking into her eyes and she realised she did not have a clue what he was on about.

- “Would you go for a dinner on a sunset cruise boat with me, tomorrow night?”

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!! Every cell in her body was screaming, her head was exploding!

- “What? Just me and you?” She said as calmly as she possibly could. She realised it may even have come across a little too calm.

- “Yes, like a date. If you like?”

She had seen movies with this storyline before, she wondered if he was even allowed to ask her out. She reached for her book and opened it up and answered as cosmopolitan as she could:

- “I would be delighted to accept your offer. I will meet you outside the hotel, under the palm trees. What time?” As she listened to the words coming out of her mouth, she wondered whether it was her 70th birthday that day instead of her 16th!

They arranged a time and she made excuses to leave the roof.

Now she was in her room, getting ready and thinking about a lie to tell her parents. She knew what to say, she would tell them there was a youth disco and that she had met other girls at the hotel that were going.

As she had put her nude coloured lip gloss on she popped it into her bag, turned the light off in her room and went to find her parents.

She felt like they would probably be able to see she was lying to them. She was also afraid Miguel would not show up. Or even worse, he would show up and all of a sudden realise she was neither cool nor sophisticated, but they were stuck together on a boat for the rest of the evening. On top of that she would then have to see him around the hotel for the remaining 5 days of the holiday! She was also afraid he might push her to have sex with him. She really liked him, but she knew she hardly knew him. She did, however, feel like she could trust him.

She considered herself a good judge of character and there was just something about him that made her feel safe around him. After all he was muscly and he had a kind smile. Therefore, she was willing to lie to her parents and to see where the night would take them.

Even though she was so nervous that it felt like her heart was about to beat out of her chest as she approached her parents.

What Heather did not know, was that Joy had paid for the cruise, she had also paid Miguel a good sum to spend some time with her for the rest of the holiday. Joy was getting sick of her constantly following them around and simply wanted some time without the spoilt baby sister in tow. Heather did not know that Miguel had no real interest in spending time with her. He, however, was sure he would enjoy a free boat ride, he needed the money and he was hoping he could get his leg over before she would return back to the UK.

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